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Barcode Application Areas

Barcode labels are used in different industries including:

Manufacturing: Software is used in manufacturing industries to easily handle large and complex manufacturing process and helps in efficient and cost effective workflow.

Inventory Management: Software is used in inventory management for accurately identifying inventory throughout the overall storage process and supports in handling the distribution process.

Shipping and Transportation: Software is widely used in shipping and transportation speeds up receipt and delivery process and allows real time tracking of shipments with maximum efficiency.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare: Software is used in pharmaceutical and health care agencies to track the distribution of medicines in the marketplace and access drugs detail (manufacturing date, company name, price, date of expiry etc).

Automobile Industry: Software is used in automobile industry to quickly access the supply information during receipt, storage, work-in-process (WIP), dispatch and sales operations of products.

Retail Sector: Software is commonly used in retail sectors to quickly access the details of company stocks, price marking, consumption forecasting, manufacturer name, weight etc.

Electronics: The Cables and Wires widely used in electrical industries can easily be identified through Barcode label maker software.

Libraries: Barcode label maker is used in libraries to easily manage large collection of books and helps in accessing book details like author`s name, price, date of issue, date of return etc.

Postal services: Software is used in postal departments to automate mails services by easily scanning and accessing source/destination details and also to sort large number of mails.

Ticket marking: Barcode label maker software is used in ticket marking to quickly scan and access passenger details, ticket price, source/destination details and more.

Telecom departments: Barcode label maker is effectively used in telecom sectors for easily maintaining consumer records, billing details, connection records etc.

Food Industry: Barcode label maker is useful in food industry to easily mark food details like manufacturer name, date of manufacture, price, weight, date of expiry and more.